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about elms

elms consulting was founded in early 2009 and since then has worked with a number of fantastic clients across public, non profit and private sectors to drive progress- taking ideas from concept through project design and development to implementation.

Motivated by the big agenda items, elms consulting focusses on working in the sustainable development and health and well being arenas.

Founder and CEO, Maya Doolub comes from a background of rich experience in both the private and the public sector, having worked with a number of leading UK newspaper titles, consulting firms and the UK National Health Service.

Maya started elms with a "roll your sleeves up" approach to engaging with clients who wanted more than a strategic plan gathering dust!


elms works with clients to develop and refresh strategy, sharing a dynamic approach which focusses on the organisation's ability to deliver on inspirational, meaningful yet pragmatic goals.

Working with both non profit and for profit organisations, elms engages with clients on vision setting and the development of pathways to take strategy through to action. Strategic development with non profits forms the basis of robust planning to support fundraising efforts and elms has worked successfully with a number of charitable organisations to achieve their critical fundraising goals.

Our work supports organisational development and change, and we have worked with a number of organisations across public and private sectors through critical transitional periods.
Vision setting and development of pathways to take strategy through to action

Government liaison

 Stakeholder management and engagement

With a great record of successful project launches, including innovative pilots that went onto large scale roll out, elms provides a “hit the ground running" approach to operational management. Whether its starting with a blank piece of paper, or joining forces with clients midway through projects to provide surge support, our strength is the acceleration of progress to achieve high level ambitions. We believe in legacy building for all operations to be truly sustainable. We work with our clients and partners to ensure seamless and successful execution of projects, enhancing capacity and reputation throughout.


network engagement & communications


elms has a fantastic record of success for the design, facilitation and execution of of events aimed at bringing together content, opportunity and people for tangible outcomes and maximum impact. elms understands the importance of convening power and the surge of energy that can be created by motivating quality discussion to prompt action.

network engagement

Our extensive outreach comes into play in every project we engage in. We go beyond our clients' own networks in each project, identifying new potential partners for clients, supporting delivery of a broad set of goals- and equilibrating the power of collaboration.


elms has engaged with a number of clients to accelerate progress through robust and meaningful stakeholder engagement. Government liaison, stakeholder management and engagement, community consultation have all been the key to successful launch and deployment of sustainable initiatives. Our belief is that sustainability has to be underpinned by clear and open stakeholder engagement- from beginning to end.

communications and marketing

elms have successfully managed a number of critical communications campaigns, demonstrating the ability to share good, bad and ugly news as required by an organisation and its stakeholders. Whatever the situation, our focus remains on sharing clear messaging in a way which promotes understanding and ownership of client goals, whilst maintaining the reputation of the organisation at all times, and ensuring that milestones are communicated in a manner which is inspirational to all.
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