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Our work seeks to enhance the dialogue and awareness around climate action, working with existing leaders and developing a platform for emerging leaders on climate change issues across the world. Bringing together the for profit and non profit sectors, elms focuses on opportunities to accelerate deployment of climate change solutions on islands- with the aim of developing models for sustainability that can be replicated and scaled up for larger cities and countries


Increasing Resilience in the Caribbean

At the last Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum in October 2017, elms worked with BMR Energy to convene a reception for leaders across the Caribbean, hosted by BMR Energy and Sir Richard Branson. The event focussed on the critical need to rebuild in the region, implementing more resilient and reliable energy systems. International leaders and experts gathered together to champion and drive a cleaner, more resilient energy future for the Caribbean.

caribbean transitional energy conference

elms led the design and execution of the inaugural Caribbean Transitional Energy Conference (CTEC) at the Kimpton Seafire Resort on 11-12 May 2017- an initiative driven by the Government of the Cayman Islands and the Cayman Renewable Energy Association.

The event set out to highlight the national energy policy for Cayman and enhance the dialogue around the opportunities and challenges for energy transition in the Caribbean and in particular on overseas territories.

The event brought together climate change champions, including Fabien Cousteau and Sir Richard Branson; high level government officials, including Heads of State; and key players in the development landscape, including the Caribbean Development Bank.

This annual conference provides a forum for delegates to explore and learn more about the latest advancements in renewable energy technology, as well as how islands can look to create models for sustainability that are both replicable and scalable.

The conference generates innovative and practical solutions to facilitate the delivery of the Cayman Islands National Energy Policy and includes discussions themed around the most pressing sustainability needs of the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean region.

creating climate wealth islands

elms designed and led a number of “Creating Climate Wealth Islands” events focussed on highlighting the commercial opportunities on and for islands through the development of low carbon pathways. This series of events culminated in a summit on Necker Island for Heads of State and industry leaders, as well as multi lateral and non profit organisation and focussed on commitments and pledges of action from all sectors across the Caribbean. All commitments were implemented, resulting in scaling up island partnerships, developing a platform of knowledge across the region and initiating renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes across schools and hospitals and other government buildings.

This series of events started in major cities (NYC, DC, Berlin and Amsterdam) and focussed on capturing the interest of the private sector to the commercial opportunity presented by the development of low carbon pathways on islands. The events were successful in stimulating that market and led to the creation of a hub in Europe that brought together technology and finance experts to develop the framework for de-risking sustainable island projects and making them bankable.

The last event was held on Necker Island and focussed on generating commitments from Heads of State, the non profit community and the private sector. As well as targets set by islands for energy transition, National Energy Policies were developed and a key outcome was the creation of a multi disciplinary knowledge share platform across the region, bringing together expertise and hosted by the Caribbean organisation for utilities. The event itself generated much media coverage, including print articles in the Guardian, Die Welt, NY Times and the Washington Post.

ten island challenge

From a “back of a napkin” concept through development to execution, elms led a high profile, global initiative for the Carbon War Room, a non-profit founded by Sir Richard Branson. Launched at Rio+20 by Sir Richard Branson and Christiana Figueres, with pilot island Aruba, the operation scaled up within two years to ten islands committing to transition their energy sectors to using renewable energy. Achieving much momentum and successful fundraising efforts, four years on, extensive execution programmes are under way across the Caribbean.

The operation has impacted coordination across NGOs, particularly in the Caribbean region, creating a strategic partnership for execution between the Carbon War Room, the Rocky Mountain Institute, the Clinton Foundation, IRENA and CARILEC. On islands, and as a direct result of the operation, a number of renewable projects are in various stages of construction, procurement and planning in Aruba; Anguilla; Bahamas; Cayman; Montserrat; Colombia; Saint Lucia; Seychelles; and Turks & Caicos

“Dear Maya, From the first meeting in Aruba until our last joint efforts we have admired your dedication to our common goal to create a sustainable prosperity for the citizens of this world. Aruba will always be grateful to you for your support of our efforts to carry our share of responsibility in this beautiful challenge and goal.”

M.G. Eman

Prime Minister of Aruba

“Maya has been an incredible force in the Caribbean; the islands could not be in better hands”

Deputy Premier Kedrick Pickering

Prime Minister of Aruba, British Virgin Islands

“Dear Maya, I have no doubt that without you, Saint Lucia would not be where it is now- many many thanks”

Hon Minister James Fletcher

Government of Saint Luci

“Many thanks for your very hard work and dedication to this island agenda over the years”

Angus Friday

Grenada Ambassador to the United States of America

“On behalf of the Cayman Renewable Energy Association (CREA) and as President, I would like to formally thank yourself and Elms Consulting for the fantastic work and efforts you have made in creating what was a dynamic event which met all of our expectations in CTEC2017.

We certainly look forward to working with yourself and Elms on CTEC2018 and all our future events as well as other renewable energy initiatives in the Caribbean region. Your competency, dedication to sustainability and positive attitude is inspiring to us all.
Once again, many thanks and we look forward to working with Elms Consulting again soon.”

Cayman Renewable Energy Association (CREA)

solar head of state

Bringing together partners from governments, non profit and private sectors, including local start ups, elms works with world leaders to make then green leaders- demonstrating their will and commitment to renewables and making them tangible by installing solar on executive residences and the Prime Minister’s Office.

With an installation completed on Government House in Saint Lucia, further installations are planned for Jamaica, Belize and Antigua, with discussions in place for an installation on Prime Minister Trudeau’s home.

The installation of the first SHoS solar system in Saint Lucia has already delivered public savings and the project was able to garner further goodwill from the private sector to donate a solar PV system for installation on a community rehabilitation centre.

In the private sector, the projects have created collaborations bringing together global expertise with young local start ups, enhancing the reputation and access to market for these young businesses as well as defining a collaborative model which maximises local resources and talent.

uk overseas territories

elms engaged with the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum to highlight the complexities of oversea territories in pursuing sustainable development pathways due to lack of support from the donor community in comparison to other island nations.

The work sought to identify the gaps and measure to address these gaps, bringing together a compelling case for change at a conference for UK Its held in Gibraltar.

The recommendations from the Gibraltar Conference were consequently included the UK Government’s Energy and Climate Change Committee priorities for holding Government to account. As a result, the recommendation for developing a knowledge share platform for all relevant overseas territories stakeholders, including government officials was taken up and that platform continues to progress today.


Working with a number of partners, elms engages with coastal resorts to support sustainable growth and diversity of the tourism sector on islands, focussing on education, marine conservation and the integration of sustainable solutions for infrastructure and the development of local jobs and business opportunities.
elms have been working recently with the Ocean Futures Society to develop and implement educational programmes integrated into the tourist experience and focussed on stewardship. The programme is largely aimed at young people and seeks to create Ambassadors for the Environment.


Our work on the oceans agenda focusses much on coral reef restoration and in the implementation of market-based solutions to address the critical issue many islands face with restoring this vital habitat.
Working with clients in the waste sector, we also aim to be part of the critical shift needed to reduce the number of plastics in our oceans.
elms also work with a non profit organisation, the International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions to raise awareness and support a call to action to address the issue of weapons dumped in our oceans since the end of World War II.


Our work in the waste sector includes engaging with partners in feasibility studies in the Caribbean for the implementation of waste to energy solutions.
On technology, we are very excited about the work of one of our clients, VikingPeak Energy who are revolutionising the nexus between solid waste management and energy, maximising beneficial re-use of waste streams and bringing alternative energy solutions to baseload power infrastructure, Already working to zero landfill in a number of global locations, VikingPeak Energy have a keen focus on being part of much broader efforts to reduce the accumulation of plastic in our oceans.


elms are working with top-tier game-changing technology partners and a number of islands in the Caribbean to accelerate the implementation of off grid greenhouses designed specifically for high-risk climates. Our efforts seek to reduce the high level of food imho see on islands, utilising water and energy efficient methods that support energy diversification and create local jobs and business opportunities

Let’s work together to take #ClimateAction